Finding Your Boise Dentist & Becoming A New Patient

Moving to a new city, or even across town, can be an exciting and stressful time. One thing that often gets delayed is finding the right dentist in Boise. Conveniently located near Downtown Boise and main thoroughfares of Boise, Dr. Schmidt and the team at Green Tree Dental make choosing your new dentist in Boise easy.

Why should I find a new dentist in Boise?
One of the most important reasons to find a new dentist in Boise is to establish a dental home. Regular cleaning and examination is the easiest way to maintain healthy teeth and gums and prevent major problems. In addition to regular cleanings and checkups, it is important to have a dentist and team that you know will take great care of you in case of an emergency or an inconvenient toothache.

How do I select a new dentist in Boise?
A major concern for most new patients when selecting a new dentist in Boise is whether they accept certain insurances. Dr. Schmidt and Green Tree Dental accept and participate with most major insurances in Boise and Idaho including Blue Cross, Delta Dental, MetLife and many others.

What procedures do you offer?

Another common concern when considering your dental care in Boise is what type of procedures a dentist and office offers. Dr. Schmidt prides himself in offering complete care for the whole family. From the first visit, Dr. Schmidt and his team will work with you to address any and all of your concerns. From a routine cleaning, to crowns, implants, root canals and wisdom tooth removal, Green Tree Dental can address all of your concerns when selecting a dentist in Boise, Idaho for your dental care.

Call Dr. Schmidt today so his team can help welcome you to the best dental practice in Boise. Our friendly staff will help with any concern you have from how to make an appointment, dental insurance questions and what to expect from your new dentist in Boise.
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