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22 Dec 2020

Dental implants are one of the most important new technologies that have been developed in dentistry over the past few decades. In the past, patients had to wear dentures if they lost all of their natural teeth and dentures have many disadvantages.

27 Jan 2020

Root canal treatment is an important method used by dentists to save teeth and to avoid unnecessary extractions. Many patients worry that root canal treatment will be painful, but new, modern technologies and anesthesia options have made root canals into a mostly pain-free procedure. Today’s patients are more than 6 times as likely to describe root canal treatment as a painless experience than patients who have a tooth removed

29 Aug 2019

Everyone knows that regular dental exams are an important part of good dental hygiene, but few people really understand why they’re important and how regular exams can save them money, time, and a lot of pain and difficulty.

24 Apr 2019

Approximately 90% of people don’t have room in their mouths for wisdom teeth. Despite this fact, wisdom teeth start to form at about the age of 10 years, typically emerging between the ages of 17 and 25 years of age

26 Mar 2019

Did you know that the average person spends $200-$300 per year on over-the-counter teeth whitening products? That’s right. And, did you know that after using these products most people are still unhappy with the whiteness of their teeth?

30 Jan 2019

Damaged, infected, and irritated teeth can cause all kinds of grief for patients. Often, the only solution to these dental problems is a root canal.

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