Root Canals in Boise, ID

At Green Tree Dental, we provide gentle root canals to relieve your discomfort, get rid of the infection, and save your tooth. Many patients are concerned that root canal treatment will be painful, but the fact is it’s a common procedure that’s as routine as getting a filling. Don’t let the myths floating around about root canals scare you away from taking care of your wellbeing. Our team can get your dental health back to great condition!

Reasons for Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment

Nobody wants to get the news that they need a root canal. But if you do need one, it’s for good reason. When you don’t take care of a tooth infection, it can spread into your gums and your jawbone (not to mention the infection can also be extremely painful). Eventually, it can get so bad that the only solution left is a tooth extraction.

If you start to have a toothache, feel temperature sensitivity, notice changes in your gums (swelling, tenderness, bleeding, etc.), or see that your tooth has become darker or gray, please come to see us so we can determine if you need root canal therapy. Infection can start from a deep cavity, a crack or chip, large fillings, dental trauma, or repeated dental procedures.

What Is the Cost of a Root Canal?

The cost of root canals varies depending on which tooth is being treated, what type of restoration is used, and, of course, whether or not you are using insurance. For example, a root canal on a front tooth is the not the same price as a root canal on a back molar. Similarly, getting a porcelain and metal crown doesn’t cost the same as an all-porcelain crown. Once we’ve brought you in for an endodontic consultation and examined your case, we are happy to give you a cost estimate.

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