Tooth Extractions in Boise, ID

At Green Tree Dental, your health is our number one concern. Sometimes, the best thing that can be done for your health is a tooth extraction. We assure you that before recommending tooth removal, we look into all other restorative treatment options first. We understand that many patients can feel nervous about undergoing a tooth extraction, and we do everything we can to alleviate your concerns and ensure your comfort.

Tooth Extraction Procedure
Tooth Extractions

Like with most other dental treatments, the tooth extraction procedure begins with us taking X-rays of the area. We’ll also go over your dental and medical history with you. All of this information helps up to create a precise and effective treatment plan. To begin the actual procedure, we’ll apply a local anesthetic so that you just experience pressure, rather than pain, while we work. Once we’ve removed your tooth, we’ll send you home with some post-op guidelines that you should adhere to so you’ll be back to normal in no time.

Tooth Extractions FAQ

Why do wisdom teeth hurt?

Just like when your other teeth first came in, it can be a bit uncomfortable when your wisdom teeth start to erupt. If your wisdom teeth are coming in incorrectly, it can become more painful because they’re pushing on your surrounding teeth or because there’s an infection.

When is tooth removal necessary?

Tooth removal may be necessary when you have a severe tooth infection, your tooth is so fractured or damaged it can’t be repaired, your wisdom teeth are impacted, or your wisdom teeth are causing crowding.

What’s the difference between a simple and surgical tooth extraction?

A simple extraction is the procedure used when a tooth is visible/above the gum line and can be pulled easily with instruments. A surgical extraction is the procedure used when a tooth has broken under the gum line or isn’t fully erupted.

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