Benefits of Invisalign Aligners

Cosmetic dentistry is helping people to get over their dental problems and to achieve the goal of having a pleasant smile. With several options available in the dental industry to help every patient overcomes unattractive teeth and have a dream smile – this profession is currently experiencing a positive effect of new technology and you can feel it almost immediately if your dentist is a professional. Braces are among the advanced dental procedures used to treat misalignment of teeth and to enhance your smile and restore self-esteem and confidence.

They are devices used to straighten and positioned teeth according to the need of every patient. It can be used to improve your oral health and fix gaps between teeth. Though they are always used with other orthodontic procedures to achieve needed results, their importance in cosmetic dentistry is huge. Nowadays, invisible aligners are widely used because it offers an esthetic therapy that is barely visible and its ability to revitalize your smile.

Types of Braces

While dental braces can make a lot of differences in the process of achieving perfect teeth and enhancing your smile, your orthodontist will determine the type of braces that will suit your need. The followings are some of the types of braces available.

Traditional Braces

These types of dental braces are commonly used because they are light in weight and have attractive structures. They come in highly-quality stainless steel and attached to each tooth with metal brackets. The braces have archwire that is purposely included to link a bracket to another to allow the teeth to move gradually to the desired position.

Ceramic Braces

Like traditional braces in terms of functions, but they are made with transparent brackets of ceramic materials. The main characteristic of ceramic braces is that they are almost invisible and widely used in an orthodontic treatment for adults.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

These are clear aligners made of plastics and arranged to look like mouth guards. They are custom-made aligners that are mostly recommended as an alternative to metal braces. They can be removed when you want to eat and for cleaning. Otherwise known as Invisalign clear aligners – they must be replaced every two weeks for a new aligner which will further adjust your teeth to the desired position.

Benefits of Invisible Aligners

Over the recent years, the idea of getting aligners to straighten teeth has become popular because of the option of invisible aligner which is regarded as a perfect dental solution. Generally, braces are used to correct misalignment of teeth, as well as overbite in both children and adults. Long before now, metal braces are used to straighten teeth, but they are known to be very uncomfortable and unattractive. Metal braces are worn on the front of teeth which further make them unacceptable by most patients.

However, Invisalign aligners have the characteristics of what you might be craving for. Below are some of its benefits and why it is the choice of many dentists and patients.

They are custom-made

Invisalign aligners are 100% customized and are made for your needs and to provide a perfect comfort during treatment. They are made to move with the shape of your teeth and to offer you the most pleasant smile ever.

Invisalign allows you to eat the food of your choice

These braces are a range of clear and removable trays that you will need to replace after 2 weeks. Each replaced tray will move the teeth further until the needed position is achieved. You can remove the aligners whenever you want to eat, whether at home or in public.

Invisible aligners improve oral health

These braces can be managed effectively during treatment because they can easily be removed and cleaned. They will also allow you to brush your teeth like you would always do because they can be taken out of your mouth easily.

It boosts your self-confidence

You could imagine wearing braces that are completely invisible and give you the smile you’ve been dreaming of – you’ll be on top of the world. Invisalign will straighten your teeth that will improve your self-esteem and leave you smiling more without shame.

Protects your gums against bacteria

The main purpose of getting invisible aligners is to improve the appearance of your teeth and to let you have a beautiful smile in the long run. However, there is also a fact that straight teeth would be less vulnerable to bacteria, hence preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

The first impression you give people can matter a lot and show up in public with a beautiful smile is a clear indication that you are friendly and happy to be in the midst of people.

Invisalign clear aligners work for almost everyone but your dentist is still in the best position to determine whether the procedure will suit your oral health. It is a modern dental procedure that could help you to get excited when you show an amazing smile in public. The cost of Invisalign braces is affordable but the benefits are worth more than what you would pay.

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