Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Did you know that the average person spends $200-$300 per year on over-the-counter teeth whitening products? That’s right. And, did you know that after using these products most people are still unhappy with the whiteness of their teeth? That’s because teeth whitening is not as simple or straightforward as it seems. If you have stained or discolored teeth, seeking out treatment from a professional is your best bet if you want results that are truly notable. Below are some of the most important and obvious benefits that motivate people to seek out professional teeth whitening and skip the over-the-counter products that often don’t work.

Raise Your Self-Esteem

Most people purchase over-the-counter tooth whitening products or seek out professional tooth whitening1 because they don’t like the way their teeth look. Stains and tooth discolorations can diminish a person’s self-confidence. Often, patients who get their teeth professionally whitened at Green Tree Dental walk away with enhanced self-esteem that can be beneficial in work, love, and everyday social transactions.

Enhance Your Oral Health

Teeth whitening is gaining in popularity for a variety of reasons. Results from this procedure are often dramatic, if not life-changing, but the cost is affordable. And on top of all that, every time you go in for a professional tooth whitening appointment, your dentist will do a thorough oral exam which means that your dental health will be closely monitored to prevent the development of challenging issues.

So when you make a professional whitening appointment to have stains removed, your teeth become stronger and healthier. Your overall dental health, as well as the health of your gums, can be substantially improved. The health of your mouth is intimately tied to the health of the rest of your body, so by whitening teeth, you can actually get healthier overall.

Get Stronger, Whiter Teeth

A professional tooth whitening session is inevitably going to lead to better results than what you can get by purchasing over-the-counter products at your local grocery store. When you visit us at Green Tree Dental for tooth whitening, you’ll also receive a professional cleaning and your teeth will be evaluated by experts who know how to make even deeply stained teeth white so that all of the teeth have a uniform, attractive appearance.

Enjoy Fast Results

When you opt to get your teeth whitened professionally, the process will only take about 1 hour and the results are striking and long-lasting. Unlike over-the-counter tooth whiteners, professional whitening produces noticeable outcomes within a short period of time that are worth the cost.

See Precise Results from Customized Treatments

Teeth whitening is not a one-size-fits-all affair! When people seek out professional teeth whitening at Green Tree Dental2, they get a customized approach that’s applied specifically so that the whitening of the teeth is uniform. Our dental team customizes the treatment protocol so that each individual patient receives the precise amount of whitening in order to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing results possible.

Relax and Get Comfortable

Professional whitening with over-the-counter products can damage the gums and hurt your teeth. Some people report that after using over-the-counter teeth whitening products, their teeth become sensitive to various foods or drinks. Professional whitening, on the other hand is much safer and more comfortable than over-the-counter products. Teeth whitening can even be a relaxing procedure in some cases. Dentists carefully calibrate the amount of whitening agents necessary to achieve a particular level of whiteness and adjust the procedure to protect the gums and other parts of the mouth. In fact, gum health is often enhanced by this procedure.

Post-whitening care protocols are provided to patients to help them manage their gum health after the whitening session to guarantee long-lasting results and to limit the sensitivity of the teeth. Most patients report that teeth whitening is a very comfortable, pain-free experience that produces amazing results.

Be More Attractive

After a professional teeth whitening session, most people feel more attractive and are more attractive. As a result, they smile more often. By itself, smiling makes people more attractive to others. Patients who have had teeth whitening done tend to make good first impressions. Professional whitening conveys the message that patients take good care of themselves.

Be More Successful

When you invest in yourself, you set yourself up for success. Researchers have found that people who have professionally whitened their teeth smile more which leads to more success in business and financial endeavors (but also in dating and courtship). At Green Tree Dental, our patients have reported that teeth whitening affects more than just appearance or dental health. Whitening the teeth also has a pronounced effect on the emotions and self-identity.

Be More Alert

Can tooth whitening lead to higher levels of energy? According to British researchers who studied over 6,000 patients aged 20 to 80 years, people who have healthy gums, also tend to have more mental clarity than people with gum disease. So if you struggle to stay awake or think clearly, you should know that professional teeth whitening and the regular gum hygiene that goes along with it may make you more alert. Every time you visit us at Green Tree Dental for tooth whitening, we’ll examine your gums as well as your teeth to make sure both are healthy which can ultimately lead to higher energy levels, better mental clarity, and better health overall.

Look Younger and More Attractive

Professionally whitened teeth shift the focus of the face to the smile. So, if you have wrinkles or facial features that you’d like to downplay, professional whitening can make a big difference in the way people see your face. White teeth give the appearance of youth and good health, so if you want to look 5 or even 10 years younger, teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that’s fast, easy, and affordable to achieve these dramatic results.

Keep It Affordable

Professional teeth whitening at Green Tree Dental is surprisingly affordable. This is a budget-friendly procedure that’s comfortable, safe, and relaxing, but that produces noteworthy results that seriously change patients’ lives. The affordability of professional tooth whitening is one of the reasons why this procedure is so popular today. For patients who would like to aesthetically boost their appearance without breaking the bank, tooth whitening by a professional is the best option.


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