Oral Health Priorities for the New School Year

Oral Health Priorities for the New School Year

The new school year is approaching, which means its time to get school supplies and schedules in order. It’s also important not to forget to make sure that your kids are incorporating good oral hygiene practices into their routines as well.

Establish a Brushing Routine

Just like eating a healthy breakfast and dinner is necessary to do every day, so is brushing your teeth. It’s important to teach your kids early on that brushing their teeth is an easy and important thing to do to prevent future cavities and expensive dental procedures.

Make the process fun by letting your children choose the color of their toothbrushes and the flavor of their toothpastes, and let them know how beautiful their smiles look after they are done brushing. You can also reward your children every time they brush their teeth, such as giving them extra time to play.

Prepare Healthy Snacks

What your child eats can make or break their dental health. Candies and sugary drinks can lead to cavities and tooth decay, but healthy foods like leafy greens, apples, carrots, and yogurt contain many vitamins and minerals to keep teeth nice and strong.

If your child doesn’t like healthier snacks, make eating them into a game. Have your child make smiley faces or shapes with their fruits and vegetables on a plate as a fun pre-snacking activity.

Remind them of the Tooth Fairy

Adolescence means losing baby teeth. If your child has a wiggly tooth, let them wiggle it until it falls out by itself. Don’t forget to remind them that the tooth fairy will pay them a visit if they leave their tooth under a pillow!

Set a Good Example

It’s always important to set a good example for your children when it comes to practicing good oral hygiene. Brush and floss twice a day and make schedule routine cleanings with your dentist. At Green Tree Dental, we offer a variety of services to take care of all of your dental needs.

Schedule Dental Appointments

Prevention is always better than cure! Twice yearly checkups and cleanings are extremely important for a healthy smile. Schedule an appointment with a dentist before the school year begins to start it on a good note.

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