Why Do Teeth Chatter?

Why Do Teeth Chatter?

Trying to Stay Warm

In a nutshell, your teeth chatter when your body tries to regulate its internal thermostat. Our bodies are used to staying at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. When our temperature deviates from that, our body does all it can to get back to our normal temperature. For instance, in the summer when we’re out in the heat, our bodies will sweat to try to regain that lower temperature.

Well, the inverse is also true: if our bodies are too cold, they will try to generate heat to get back to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. And when we shiver, that’s our bodies doing just that. Shivering is when our muscles move back and forth so quickly that it seems like one continuous movement. Another form of shivering is, you guessed it, teeth chattering! It’s just our bodies trying to return to a normal temperature.

Does Chattering Teeth Mean I’m Sick?

Just because your teeth are chattering doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. But try to warm up fast so your body temperature can go back to a normal level and your teeth can stop chattering.

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